Something worth melting for? A super cute kids in modern fairy tale

Some tales were “as old as time” which most of us know by heart such as the stories of Snow White who was saved from the evil queen by Charming Prince or poor Cinderella had to live with her mean stepmother & stepsisters…That’s how it unfolded once upon a time.

However, what if these story lines were told by our kids today? With such a rich imagination, the familiar tales will be transformed in a variety version which have some strange twists but still lovely and fun.

So here it begins, a summer fairy tale written by innocent & creative children not only you will be in awe but also it will make your heart melt.



Still Snow White whose skin as white as snow, whose hair as black as wood, she is kind and gentle but no longer as weak as before.



She is able to break the curse of evil queen with her magic wand

After defeated the evil, Charming Prince and Snow White continues their journey to search for the lost treasures.


The Prince now becomes the caption looking for the treasures


Meanwhile, the pirate is no longer doing bad thing. He now returns home, and put his interests into creating wonderful dishes which he hadn’t been enjoy while sailing on the sea.


The pirate has turned to driving car


Cinderella has also escaped. She with her dad are travelling everywhere to expand their business.


And many other surprises in fairy tales will be told through the imagination of our lovely children.