Do you understand your own child?

Whenever Summer comes, kids is so exciting due to school break, in the meantime dad and mom are having a miserable headache for looking a-trustworthy-place to keep their child safe. There are many other choices too such as after school class, language and talent courses to let children spend their spare time but do children really want it?

Stress can come from a tight studying schedule.

It’s so true when kids have just passed a fully stretched school year, kids need time for relaxing and balancing physical and mental health. For these reasons, registering the-third-term seems to be tense and overwhelmed that makes Summer fun uncompleted in their childhood memory.





The third term or extra term comes from parents’ high expectation. Besides, how to find out an ideal kid playground qualifies some key factors such as entertainment, education and safe which are lack of from local playgrounds. Hence, most of parent decides the best option is to choose extra class during Summer for their kids.





Instead of having playing time to explore a completed childhood, modern children have to join a plenty of stressful class during the school year as well as summer time which can cause the limitation of physical and mental development leading to school-hating-feeling and bad result of new school year.

Summer is for playing that becomes the best solution for parents.

Albert Einstein said “Play is the highest form of research”. Throughout playing, kids can explore themselves, learn new things, observe knowledge by their own method and memorize things longer. This emphasize the importance role of playing in children development.







In kids ‘mind, summer time is always and for playing only. So, parent can look for some quality playgrounds where combine all elements as physical development, soft skills, art into play manners in a safe play allowing kids can develop socialized skill through making new friend every day.




The ideal solution for summer time is to arrange play and study schedule reasonably. Finally, the secret of completed development is the balance of play, learn and communication.