By playing, children get a chance to not only enjoy their life but also express themselves through being creative and learning more how to deal with their own feelings in real life.


Playtime is very crucial to the development of children, let’s them enjoy this!

There are multiple methods for children mental and physical growth, in which play is one of the greatest ways applied by many developed countries. Children could learn to recognize the animals, wild life or even ecosystem by visiting the zoos or the parks. So, edutainment center like tiNiWorld is also a place where kids can develop so many different skills.


Picture 1: Children are building fairy models


One of the biggest advantages of tiNiWorld is to provide various entertainment models matching the diversity of children’s interests.

All activities at tiNiWorld are designed to let them get along with friends, interact with toys and acknowledge new things naturally without having any pressure.

“Play is the highest form of research” says Albert Einstein. The best solution of the completed development of a child is playing. Besides, play can help kids to be more dynamic as well. Therefore, parents should change their wrong mindset about playing as a way for killing kids’ spare time. Let’s them enjoy and explore their own childhood journey, play games with them to share ideas and spend time together, especially during summer.



Picture 2: Children are taught some basic dance moves


There are thousands of fun experiences waiting for your children….

Nowadays, number of traditional games and play areas are shrinking quickly. Many parents are difficult to find the suitable playgrounds for children to have fun at summer. At tiNiWorld, children can have the opportunity to play and learn a lot of new and fun things.



Picture 3: Enjoy the boxing


During this summer, “tiNi Summer – Play Matters” at tiNiWorld will help children enjoy a lot of fun from new and excited things.

Children can play freely with an activity schedule that will be changed every day. The schedule is built based on the combination of education and entertainment factors in order to bring kids an endless great memory as well as valuable knowledge.

Besides, a series of new activities in summer will be introduced at tiNiWorld. Children can meet cute and giant dinosaurs in the real life, sing together, dance on the stage, learn how to cook or watch the joyful cartoons….



Picture 4: Learn how to do yoga



Picture 5: Many girls enjoy yoga


tiNiWorld promises to give kids valuable spiritual gifts and being a place for creating the valuable memories of every child.



Picture 6: Have the opportunity to participate in the “Be a chef” experience



Picture 7: Find the way to play a game


Moreover, tiNi Summer 2017 will have many attractive incentives program for N KID FAMILY card holder and lots of giving away gift are waiting for kids as well.



Picture 8


Picture 9: Practice to improve karaoke singing



Picture 10: Girls are passionately watching dolls


tiNiWorld hopes to provide a lot of fun and great experience in the summer.

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